Kunekune Pigs - New Bloodlines to Canada!

Ivanleigh Farms is pleased to announce that we have recently completed a second import of Kunekune pigs to Canada including 12 new bloodlines, 5 of which were recently released in the US.  We are pleased to be breeding from one of the largest closed Kunekune herds in the world! 

Pasture Grazed & Naturally Raised - Canadian Kunekune Pigs!

We specialize in breeding Canadian Kunekune Pigs for pasture based pork production.  Breeding stock and meat pigs available. 

Kunekune Pigs - New Bloodlines to Canada!

Kunekune pigs are a new breed to Canada with the first import taking place in 2012.  Ivanleigh Farms is proud to announce the arrival and new bloodlines and top quality breeding stock in February of 2015.  Have a look at our Kunekune page to learn more about this exciting breed!


Ivanleigh Farms offers lamb for sale, processed to your specification.  Please see the lamb page for more information.

The Ivanleigh Name

What's In A Name?

Our farm name was created by combining family names "Ivan" and "Leigh".  When trying to come up with a farm name we had a difficult time.  One morning while looking out over one of our pastures the thought of family name combinations came to mind.  Ivan and Leigh are names within our family that seemed to sound perfect together.  Without any further consideration we decided that it was the perfect name.  About one year after this I was researching some animal names and came across a website that told the meaning of names.  I was intrigued and thought to see what our farm name meant.  To my astonishment here is what I found:

Ivan = Gracious Gift from God

Leigh = From the Meadow

Combined you get: "Gracious Gift from God from the Meadow"

I smiled to myself and knew that our farm was rightfully named.  Even though I took the credit for coming up with that name I knew a greater being had played a role in the creation.  I believe that every animal produced on our farm - whether it be for breeding stock or for consumption; all are a "Gracious Gift from God from the Meadow".

I know that my passion for animals and high quality, naturally produced food is not just another thing that I do, I have confirmation that I am doing something I am meant to do......