Kunekune Pigs - New Bloodlines to Canada!

Ivanleigh Farms is pleased to announce that we have recently completed a second import of Kunekune pigs to Canada including 12 new bloodlines, 5 of which were recently released in the US.  We are pleased to be breeding from one of the largest closed Kunekune herds in the world! 

Pasture Grazed & Naturally Raised - Canadian Kunekune Pigs!

We specialize in breeding Canadian Kunekune Pigs for pasture based pork production.  Breeding stock and meat pigs available. 

Kunekune Pigs - New Bloodlines to Canada!

Kunekune pigs are a new breed to Canada with the first import taking place in 2012.  Ivanleigh Farms is proud to announce the arrival and new bloodlines and top quality breeding stock in February of 2015.  Have a look at our Kunekune page to learn more about this exciting breed!


Ivanleigh Farms offers lamb for sale, processed to your specification.  Please see the lamb page for more information.

Ivanleigh Lamb

At Ivanleigh Farms we strive to produce lamb raised as nature intended.  Our lambs are raised as follows:

  • Pasture grazed
  • Outside in a natural environment
  • Antibiotic free
  • Hormone free
  • GMO free
  • Stress free
  • Weaned naturally
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Agriculturally sustainable


We currently accept lamb orders throughout the year.  Orders are generally processed in the spring and the fall.  Lambs are sold as whole or half carcass and are processed and wrapped to your specifications.  When you receive your lamb it is cut, wrapped and ready for your freezer. 

Please contact us for further details!